Saturday, March 20, 2010

Dragonfly Tattoos - Meanings, Designs And Ideas For A Beautiful Tattoo

Dragonfly tattoos can be cute and sexy at the same time that is why they are greatly favored by women as the tat theme for their body art. Their delicate wings with colorful hues and the meaningful symbolism attached to them make them even more attractive and interesting. There is just something beautiful and artistically appealing with dragonfly tattoos that women prefer to have them adorned on their body. Dragonfly symbolizes freedom and independence. Their ability to fly and swirl combined with hover and loop-the-loop make them look fun and free to roam around and enjoy the beauty of around them. They represent a free-spirited and carefree actions combine with positivity and harmony. Indeed, a dragonfly tattoo on one's body can reflect a lot of happy and whimsical moments. Aside from these, dragonfly can also mean change, lightheartedness and passion. They are somewhat similar in their qualities with fairies and butterflies which are both flimsy and gentle in nature. Not to mention gorgeous and exquisite with their admirable beauty as their strongest quality. Dragonfly tattoos are very versatile and flexible as a tat art. It would look great on almost any parts of the body such as the foot, ankle, shoulder blade, arm, lower stomach, lower back, hip and rib cage area.They can be tattooed small or big with designs of the wings reflecting the light and showing a variety of colors. Some artist focused on portraying the big and expressive eyes that the dragonfly is known for while others choose to focus on its slender and lean body. There are tons of choices on where to find inspiration for your dragonfly tattoo design. A visit to your local library would show you books with pictures of dragonfly in a variety of colors and styles. You can also check out tattoo magazines with photos of dragonfly tat on other people. The internet of course, is the easiest source as there are literally tons of choices that you can harvest from the web just by Googling the term. Just careful not to fall trap into low quality and cookie cutter types of tattoo art as they would definitely not look fitting on your body. When it comes to your tat art, you should not go cheap. Remember it is something that will be with you forever so make sure that the design is something well thought of. It is always best to put careful planning and effort in coming up with the final dragonfly tattoo design.

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