Monday, November 22, 2010

Unique Tattoo Ideas That Will Set You Apart From the Crowd (Cool Looking Ink Done Right)

There are tattoos and then there are awesome tattoos. What makes for cool ink that separates you from the crowd? First of all you have to be unique. Not the easiest thing as tattooing has become quite popular. But it's definitely possible and I am going to reveal some unique tattoo ideas which are going to set you apart from the crowd.

Handprints or Footprints. This ink idea works best as representation of your child, loved one, or best friend. A child print works excellent as the design will be smaller and usually fit wherever you want. The reason this is part of my unique tattoo ideas is because traditionally everyone usually get's names of their children or loved one's. A more common representation has been faces, but these don't often come out as intended. An excellent and unique way to represent your child is by having a sketch done or ink print of their small hand or foot. This can turn out excellent for a tattoo, and maintains some mystery while holding personal value to you.

Abstract Tattoos. This is somewhat of a broad range of tattoo design, but what I refer it to is ink designs not traditional, but providing symbolism in a more abstract manner. I don't include tribal tattoos in this abstract category because they have pretty much become mainstream, and their lines and flow can be seen as traditional. Abstract tattoos can be simple designs or more complex. Many outsider artists are creating abstract tattoos but these aren't for everyone as some consider them "sloppy". Nevertheless, they are unique, can look very cool, and will set you apart from traditional designs.

Ink Combinations. Another option for unique tattoo ideas is combining 2 or 3 of your favorite designs. If you take 3 standard designs and put them on 3 different parts of your body, nothings going to really jump out. But taking those 3 tattoos and combining them in a skillful, artistic manner can give you something amazing that will definitely pop out. Give it a try. Pick out a few designs and think about combining options or ask a tattoo artist the possibilities of combining or making a mural like design out of them.

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