Monday, September 7, 2009

Tribal Design

tribal design

Top 6 body parts to get tribal Design

By Amber Elvira

Usually when talking about getting a tattoo, being first to choose the design and then talk to the tattoo artist about the best part of the body of that particular model. However, this trend seems to have changed recently with more and more people choosing a tattoo design of a specific body part. This demonstrates increased humble tattoo at the top of fashion. But when you want to get a tattoo in a particular body part that is good to remember that not all body parts are equal. That is the skin of every part of your body is different and depending on the thickness and smoothness of the skin, the ink creates a different effect on different parts. For example, the tattoos on the body part with a wrinkled skin like elbows, ankles, knees, will vanish. Also the lines created in this part have a tendency to spread. Having said that favorite body parts for tribal design tattoo are:

tribal design 1. Lower back tattoos: This is considered a very sensitive point for getting a tattoo. It adds an attractive woman's sensuality and mysticism, because the tattoo is only for the eyes of a loving and hidden from the world. Good designs that combine with a tribal design for a tattoo back include Jessica Alba as a tape, a fairy, like Britney Spears, a small flower, a heart or a tiger as Angelina Jolie.

2. Tattoo Armband: This time it was the most popular place to get a tattoo. He became especially famous after Pamela Anderson wore the barbed wire design as a bracelet. The designs of tribal arm band are particularly popular. Other famous designs include the reasons knot and wave patterns combined with the Celtic cross, skull, and many more.

3. Tattoo Wristband: This is a favorite among women. The tattoos are very feminine and delicate and are a fashion statement of all kinds. Popular designs are the serpent or dragon that encircles the wrist, and the reasons knot combined with small flowers, cartoons, fairies, dragonflies, or heart. The best part about these tattoos is that they can be conveniently hidden under a wrist watch or proudly boasts it as a cool bracelet permanent 'or' sale '.

tribal design 4. Arm Tattoo: Very popular with men, to see David Beckham and Anouk. The design of the best tribal designs for the arm (upper, lower, upper arm and shoulder and even sleeves) are usually black and bold abstract motifs or words in Sanskrit or Japanese, which can be even became an inspiration throughout Japanese manga.

5. Tattoo Ankleband: This is another favorite of the ladies. A tattoo ankleband seems particularly attractive when combined with a short skirt and high heels. You can go for ankleband tribal tattoo designs and combine with delicate feminine as strings, dolphins, flowers, stars, angel wings, butterflies, and so on, or be adventurous and go for the black tribal design and bold. Ankle tattoos celebrities ground Stephanie Seymour and Christy Turlington.

6. Leg Tattoo: This is a favorite among men, although there are many women who have thigh or the thigh and tattoos. Include black tribal designs and bold abstract motifs.

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