Sunday, August 2, 2009

Rib Tattoos Remove Tramp Stamp Tattoo Trend

Rib Tattoos Remove Tramp Stamp Tattoo Trend

The economy may be heading in the wrong direction, but that doesn’t mean tattoos are, especially women tattoos. These days tattoos are looking up, or rather moving up for women. The new rising tattoo trend has women removing tattoo “stamps” on their lower backs, and opting for the new sexy tattoo trend — Rib Tattoos.

Almost as soon as the derogatory, sexually humiliating term “tramp stamp” reared women with lower back tattoos began getting tattoo removal and trading in their tainted tattoos for new sexy rib tattoos that crawl up the side of their bodies.

Today’s weak economy is changing the tattoo industry in terms of women’s tattoo trends. Although, the rate of women getting their first tattoos doesn’t seem to be decreasing, the amount of money women are spending on their tattoos is.

Other emerging tattoo trends for women are celebrity name tattoos, especially popular these days Nicole Richie rosaries; vintage American tattoos such as skulls, hearts, stars, and anchors; Japanese (koi fish, ocean waves) styles; as well as a swing from English-style block lettering to fancier script letters.

Expect many women to follow the celebrity tattoo trends of Megan Fox and her rib cage tattoo with the words “There once was a little girl who never knew love until a boy broke her HEART” until someone creates a derogatory, sexually humiliating term for women rib cage tattoos like “Ho handle.”

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